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Puzzle Frames (for plastic puzzles)

Puzzle Frames (for plastic puzzles)


No of Pieces
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These PINTOO puzzle frames are made specifically for the PINTOO plastic puzzles range that we carry and will not fit other puzzle brands.

- Easy to assemble (DIY)
- Light in weight 
- Can either be hung on the wall using 3M Picture Hanging Strips or hooks on the wall


 No of Pieces Frame Dimensions Plastic Puzzle Dimensions
300 Pieces 30.8 cm x 37.8 cm 23.8 cm x 30.8 cm
500 Pieces 37.8 cm x 44.8 cm 30.8 cm x 37.8 cm
1000 Pieces 44.8 cm x 65.8 cm 37.8 cm x 58.8 cm
2000 Pieces 65.8 cm x 79.8 cm 58.8 cm x 72.8 cm