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Jigsaw Puzzle Frames

We offer the following puzzle frames:

1) Pintoo Plastic Jigsaw Puzzle Frames

Plastic frames made specifically to fit Pintoo brand plastic puzzles ONLY. These range of frames will not fit other puzzle brands, and are not customisable.

Please refer to : Pintoo Plastic Puzzle Frames for more product details.

2) Custom Made Wooden Frames

  • Customisation includes a wooden frame, an acrylic cover and a wooden board as backing.
  • Choose from a variety of designs and colours for your frame
  • Please note that the actual dimensions of your jigsaw puzzle may differ slightly from the dimensions stated on the puzzle box
  • For custom-made frames, please measure the actual dimensions of your jigsaw puzzle after you have assembled it completely and glued the pieces together.
  • For price enquiry, please whatsapp us at 94522331 with the actual dimensions (in cm) of your assembled and glued jigsaw puzzle.
  • If your puzzle is too large, we may not be able to customise a frame for it. 
  • Self collection is available at our physical stores. Delivery to a local address (excluding areas which require special access eg. Sentosa, Tuas, Jurong Island etc.) is an additional $30.
  • The production time is approximately one month (or longer) from order date, depending on the volume of orders.

Some common puzzle sizes and their corresponding custom made frame prices are as follows:


3) Ready-Made Wooden Frames

Sometimes,  we may have limited stock of ready-made frames at our physical stores. Please contact us at 94522331 (Citylink Mall Store) to enquire on availability and size.