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Perfect Fit

Customised Brick Wall Puzzle


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Build your own mini wall, with Perfect Fit's Customised Brick Wall Puzzle!

This Customised Brick Wall puzzle is made of plastic interlocking building blocks that miniaturises a real-life wall into mini-figure scale. 

It is also double-sided with a different wall design on each side. The front side is a brick wall and the back side is a panelled wall.

Add on the miniaturised lamp posts (warm lighting LED powered by USB cables) for a realistic wall diorama for your mini-figures.


 Number of Bricks Bricks Orientation Size 
45 bricks Landscape 9.8 cm (height) x 12.8 cm (length) x 0.8 cm (thickness)
45 bricks Portrait 12.7 cm (height) x 9.6 cm (length) x 0.8 cm (thickness)
72 bricks Landscape 12.8 cm (height) x 16 cm (length) x 0.8 cm (thickness)
72 bricks Portrait 15.6 cm (height) x 12.8 cm (length) x 0.8 cm (thickness)
63 bricks Heart 13.7 cm (height) x 19.1 cm (length) x 0.8 cm (thickness)



  • All building blocks/bricks/accessories used for the Customised Brick Wall Puzzle are Lego-alternatives.
  • The production time is 4-7 days and local delivery will take 3-4 working days (excluding weekends). For urgent orders, please choose self-collection upon checkout.   
  • No missing piece(s) replacement for customised brick wall puzzles.
  • As the photo is printed on grey bricks, it will take on a slightly grey background. 
  • Please choose high quality images. Photos that are dark / taken with poor lighting/blur will have poor print out and is not a defect. There is no refund/reprint due to poor quality of original image uploaded.
  • We do not provide photo enhancement / editing services.
  • We are unable to customise licensed images due to copyrights. Please provide personal photos only.

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