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Tips on How to Put Together Your Jigsaw Puzzle

Abby Ng

Posted on November 26 2020

Tips on How to Put Together Your Jigsaw Puzzle

So, you had taken the first brave step into the exciting and addictive world of jigsaw puzzles, and brought that awesome puzzle home. You tear the bag open and the puzzle pieces scatter across the table. 

For our first-time puzzlers, you may be wondering how you should sieve through this mess. It may seem a little daunting at first, but trust us, it is actually quite systematic. Do note that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to jigsaw puzzles, as some prefer to do them differently.

Here are some basic tips on how we usually get started:


1) Separate the border pieces

Find the puzzle pieces with the smooth edges, separate them from the main pile, and start assembling. Refer to the printed picture on the puzzle box every now and then.


2) Separate and group the remaining pile by colour and distinctive features  

Refer to the picture on the puzzle again and look out for distinctive features, in this case, Snow White's face and clothing, apples, the seven dwarves at the sides, the castle etc. Try to separate and group these remaining pieces accordingly like this:


3) Put the pieces together


The puzzle is coming together! My personal favourite way is to pick up a piece, refer to the picture on the box and pinpoint the area that the piece belongs to.

When you feel stuck, take a break! Take your time. Have a cup of coffee or a toilet break. Come back to the puzzle when you are ready again. Assembling a puzzle is not a race (unless you are training for a puzzle competition) and should be an enjoyable affair.

Hint: When nearing completion, it may be helpful to match the pieces by their shapes too, as each piece should be uniquely shaped.


4) Done!

Great achievement! Display your puzzle proudly! Post it on Instagram or Facebook for all to see. You definitely earned it. 



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