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Top 5 Gifts for Mothers' Day!

Abby Ng

Posted on April 13 2019

Top 5 Gifts for Mothers' Day!

It's the time of the year again when we pay tribute to the best person in our lives. Our Mums! (Sorry Dads, your time will come later...)

Scratching your heads and pondering what to get for your beloved mother on this special day? Want to buy flowers and cards but they seem too common? Fret not. Here are some fresh and novel gift ideas (not in order of merit) from Perfect Fit which will wow your mothers to tears and gain you favour over your competing siblings. 


 1. Puzzle Vase


Our all-time favourite Puzzle Vase is a classic and classy addition to any mother's home. They are made of plastic puzzle pieces and come in traditional and contemporary designs to suit any taste. Your siblings may give your mother flowers, and this is the perfect opportunity to up your game with a fully-functional vase. Their flowers may last days, but your vase will last a lifetime. Win. 




2. Puzzle Flowerpot


The perfect gift for mothers who have green thumbs. Every time she cares for her favourite plants and seedlings, she will also see your puzzle flowerpot gift and be constantly reminded of you as her favourite child too. Another win.


3. Gold Leaves (currently available only in our physical store) 

Gold.  Who does not love it? Give your mothers the gift of gold with these cute jars of shiny gold leaves! They also come in lucky charm keychains which your mother can use to show off to her competitive friends, and pretty tubes which you can sprinkle these delightful gold leaves on her favourite macaroons, ice cream or chocolate cakes.

Yes you heard it. These gold leaves are edible, and will skyrocket any type of food (and the person eating them) to the ultimate "Atas" level (a.k.a. very high social status). 


4. Customised Plastic Puzzles 


Solidify your position in the family by presenting a specially customised plastic puzzle of your mother's old wedding pictures, family portrait, or even pictures of her favourite grandchildren as a present to her. You will be able to show off the valuable virtues of patience and hard work your mother has imparted to you over the years, by assembling the customised puzzle yourself and hanging it up as a centrepiece in the house. Your mother will be proud. (Option to have it pre-assembled is available too if you want to... ahem... speed things up a little and claim credit for it.)



5. Customised Wood Cube Puzzles


These customised wood cube puzzles of your family's pictures make great and functional gifts for elderly mothers who enjoy simple tabletop games. They help to keep the fingers moving, the mind active, and family bonds strong.


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