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Customise Plastic Jigsaw Puzzle


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Transform your precious memories, endearing life stories and timeless legacies into special jigsaw puzzles. Made from water-resistant and durable plastic, Perfect Fit's plastic jigsaw puzzles will withstand the test of time and make for exquisite centerpieces in any home. 

Made of interlocking plastic puzzle pieces. Glue not required.


Customise Puzzle Minimum Print Resolution Jigsaw Size Price
300 pieces 3174 pixels x 2351 pixels 30.8 cm x 23.8 cm S$69
500 pieces 3997 pixels x 3174 pixels 37.8 cm x 30.8 cm S$84
600 pieces 4699 pixels x 3174 pixels 44.6 cm x 30.8 cm S$89
800 pieces 5132 pixels x 2591 pixels 58.8 cm x 30.8 cm S$99
1000 pieces 5132 pixels x 3174 pixels 58.8 cm x 37.8 cm S$109
2000 pieces 5663 pixels x 4500 pixels 72.8 cm x 58.8 cm S$169
4000 pieces 11433 pixels x 7135 pixels 115 cm x 73 cm S$320



  • The lead time from order confirmation to delivery will vary on a case-by-case basis, but the average delivery time is around 1.5 months upon confirmation. 
  • Photos provided must meet the minimum print resolution in JPEG format. The resolution (pixels) of the photo can be found under File Properties > Details > Image. 
  • Option to choose either assembled or not assembled. There are no additional charges for assembled customised puzzles.
  • No missing piece(s) replacement for customised jigsaw puzzles.
  • Slight variation in colour of the customised puzzle from the pictures may occur and is not considered a defect
  • The customised puzzle will come in a plain box. The photo will not be printed on the box.


Submission of Photos for Customised Puzzle Order:

- After you submit your online order, please email your photos to and quote your order number.

- We are unable to customise licensed images due to copyrights. This includes Disney, Anime, Marvel images, etc. Please provide personal photos only. 

- Basic editing service is provided upon request i.e. Combining multiple photos into a collage, and adding text to the photo. 

- Please ensure that the resolution of your picture meets the minimum resolution required for puzzle customisation. You may choose to email the picture to us at before submitting your order, so that we can help to check if it is suitable.

- Should payment be made and your photo is found to be unsuitable for customisation, an administrative fee of S$3 will be incurred for processing the refund.