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Perfect Fit

Customised Brick Panel


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Build your own mini wall panels, with Perfect Fit's Customised Brick Wall Panel Puzzle!

This Customised Brick Wall Panel Puzzle consists of multiple wall panels which can be joined together with accompanying folding block parts. Each wall panel is made of plastic interlocking building blocks that miniaturises a real-life wall into mini-figure scale.

Number of Bricks (per panel): 29

Dimensions (per panel): 8.8 cm (height) x 8 cm (length) x 0.8 cm (thickness)



  • All building blocks/bricks/accessories used for the Customised Brick Wall Puzzle are Lego-alternatives.
  • Please note that the accompanying folding block parts are not printed.
  • The production time is 4-7 days and local delivery will take 3-4 working days (excluding weekends). For urgent orders, please choose self-collection upon checkout.   
  • No missing piece(s) replacement for customised brick wall puzzles.
  • As the photo is printed on grey bricks, it will take on a slightly grey background. 
  • Please choose high quality images. Photos that are dark / taken with poor lighting/blur will have poor print out and is not a defect. There is no refund/reprint due to poor quality of original image uploaded.
  • We do not provide photo enhancement / editing services.
  • We are unable to customise licensed images due to copyrights. Please provide personal photos only.

This product listing allows a maximum upload of 4 photos. If you wish to purchase more than 4 brick panels, please select this product listing again and add to cart.

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